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The last week (few days?) have been really interesting for me. And by "really interesting," I kind of mean "mildly irritating."

Let's begin:

Three months ago, I found the Someday Syndrome blog via via via, and was really impressed. I also learned that he was offering a 'choose your own price' for his workshop/life coaching. How cool! I'm poor but I could have actually gotten some really helpful advice! But I put it off, was going to buy it when I got my tax return (blew it all on meaningless fluff, really), and then forgot about it for a month. Then I started following him on Twitter, saw him mention a discount coming in May, and realized I'd missed my window. Now I'll likely NEVER be able to afford it which is a real shame. Because, as we can see, I am really skilled at "Someday."

One month ago, I learned about the Editor and Columnist positions at Handmade News. At the time, they were taking suggestions for departments as well. I got the idea for a "trend" department, following the worlds of fashion, jewelry, interior design, etc. And of course I'd be the editor! But I didn't apply, I told other people about it, but I didn't apply. I told [personal profile] habibiti about it, she applied, but I didn't. She's Batty, applied AND got a columnist position, but damnit I didn't apply! FINALLY, she sends me a DM on Twitter that she's heard the "Greenwise" department is hiring. So a full day later, I manage to polish my resume and pick a writing sample from my Green Plan(t) blog.

No word yet, but I probably won't get it because I waited so damned long. And btw, it's a paying writing gig, only one of my biggest dreams.

Yesterday, one of the patrons of Knit Las Vegas, who regularly sets up merchandise of hers (why she gets such a primo spot in the store, I have no idea) brought in an enormous (and vaguely awesome) knitting bag. Which, as it turns out, she's selling now. Inside, I see a reinforced (I think) area for holding patterns/magazines, and two smaller pockets "for any little things." FUNNY how those two things were features I had described to another patron that I was going to put in the bags _I_ was going to make for the store. FUNNY how it was just two weeks ago. FUNNY how the woman making the bags described a 'the-owner-suggested-needle-rolls-but-I-didn't-want-to' scenario when _I_ am going to make needle rolls for the store. Not saying anything, just saying.

Okay, Universe, I get it. Get off my lazy ass and do it NOW before I see more of my unique ideas out there with someone else's name on them.

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