May. 29th, 2010

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I have no idea what that subject line means...

Anyway hi.

Been gone a long time, I know. I stopped updating because things kept changing so much and so often, I didn't want to put anyone through the wringer that I was going through too. Things have stabilized a bit. Actually, things are pretty good right now. Jon and I are still separated but he's been spending the night all weekend for the last three weekends, and he'll be here for the full three day weekend! It's good times, but who knew it would be two years before things would start normalizing...

I've been keeping a paper journal for a few weeks and it feels pretty good but I'm hoping to pick up this digital one again, soon.

Hope everyone is well. <3

Here's where you can find me elsewhere, if I'm not here: - Facebook too (other profile got frozen when my gmail was hacked, guh)

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